Matrilineal Praise Song: Night Clothes

Matrilineal Praise Song: Conteporary Art Quilt by Betty Leacraft

Ancestor Series

My quilt was inspired by Gees's Bend work clothes quilts. It was not my intention to replicate their style but be informed by it and reinterpret that which resonated within me.

This quilt includes my late Mother's deconstructed pajama top placed over my Grandmother's nightgown silk screened with a prayer, in her handwriting. She taught me that prayer when I was a child which I say daily which represents the intergenerational transmission of spirituality.

This quilt was created specifically for McCabe Library Atrium, Swarthmore College

Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved by the Artist

Featured in
Responses to Gees's Bend
2018 Juried Exhibition
Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
(The exhibition ran concurrently with " Piece Together: The Quilts of Mary Lee Bendolph" in the List Gallery at Swarthmore.)


CREDITS: Elizabeth McIlvaine, silkscreen printing; Dindga McCannon, inkjet printing.


materials and techniques: 

Various fabrics, machine/hand stitching, Quilt Stitching: In a ditch, silkscreen and inkjet printing, procion dye, textile paint.

48" L x 40" W