In the Family: Copyright Documents of Sadie Artis Wills

In the Family: Contemporary Art Quilt by Betty Leacraft

Ancestor Series

As an exhibiting artist, there are copyright laws existing in the United States that provide protection of my original art works. These special laws prevent others from making copies, without my permission, of what is considered my “intellectual property.”  International copyright treaties also exist between the United States and participating nations around the world to protect my art works whenever they are exhibited abroad.

My quilt contains, as its focus, a copyright application, instructions, and a copyright office response letter for product labels my maternal grandmother received in 1947 for her “Worlds Wonder Hair Aid and Tetter Salve.” These documents are an example of how far copyright has evolved since 1947.

As a child, I helped stir pots of this product, moistened the copyrighted labels and attached them to paper backed metal container lids, then accompanied my grandmother to local beauty salons and individual customers who purchased her hair salve - one of several streams of income my grandmother created to help sustain a female-headed household.

Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved By Artist

Featured in
Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium:
Quilting the World's Conscience
Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Hamilton Ohio
A traveling exhibition curated by Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi: a selection of 30 art quilts created by members of the international Women of Color Quilters Network and Friends are inspired by the 30 Articles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.


materials and techniques: 

Machine/hand stitching, Quilt stitching: In a ditch, metallic threads, inkjet printing, procion dyes.

47" L x 50" W